Frequently asked question.

We have variety choices of local food such as Malay food, Nyonya food and others. We also have variety choices of beverage, kuih and dessert.

We don’t have halal certification but we are halal friendly. Our restaurant is pork-free and alcohol-free and our meat source is from halal-certified supplier. Our food is prepared by Malay chef, and most of our kitchen staff are Malays

Yes, we do have vegetarian meals. You may refer to the descriptions and ingredients of the food, because some of our meals contain eggs, onions or garlic.

We recommend you to finish it on the day itself. If you are unable to finish it, put it in a closed container and keep in the fridge, because our food has no preservatives.

Cover them up and avoid disposing them under the hot sun or at somewhere else with high temperature. Store them at a dry and cool place.

You can place your order at least one day in advance.

Sorry, it is a requirement to create an account if you want to place an order.

There is no minimum order for self-pick at our café. However, minimum order value of RM20 is applicable for delivery service from us.

Certainly. You can order for someone else, but make sure to provide valid and accurate contact and address of the receiver under the “Ship to a Different Address” section.

The estimated time is within 1 hour for you to receive your order.

A normal delivery means you will receive your order within 1 hour, while for an express delivery, you will receive your order more or less 10 to 15 minutes within your selected time frame. You will be charged some extra fees for express delivery.

(1 hour one slot)

  • 0930 – 1030
  • 1030 – 1130
  • 1130 – 1230
  • 1330 – 1430
  • 1430 – 1530
  • 1530 – 1630

Penang Island only.

RM5 for Pulau Tikus, Tanjong Tokong, Georgetown area etc; RM8 for Ayer Itam, Jelutong, Tanjung Bungah area etc

RM 10 for Gelugor area etc

RM 12 for Bayan Lepas area

Delivery fees is based on postal code defined in system.

For any purchases above RM50, you are entitled for a free delivery for Pulau tikus, Tanjong Tokong and Georgetown area. Whereas for Ayer Itam, Jelutong, Tanjung Bungah, Gelugor area etc will get discounted delivery fee. For Bayan Lepas area, no any special entitlement for delivery.  

Yes, but it may take a longer time to be delivered. If the weather may cause potential danger to our riders, we may postpone the delivery to ensure the safety of our riders.

Before making the payment, there is an option to fill in the contact person who is available to receive your order for you.

You may call our care centre for further assistance.

Unfortunately, with our current system, you can’t track your delivery status.

No changes can be done once payment is made.


No changes can be made once payment is done. If you would like to add items, you can place a new order.

Sorry, it is not possible right now due to the limitation of our system, so we are unable to accept customized order at the moment.

Contact our care centre. 24 hours prior to the collection date/time, orders cannot be canceled and the payment is not refundable. However, you can get a refund of 50% if the cancellation request was made more than 24 hours earlier than the collection date/time.

It is not possible unless the request is made more than 24 hours earlier than the collection date/time. However, no changes can be made for the order item(s).

At the moment, we can accept credit card, debit card and selected E-wallets for payment

We provide an e-receipt once payment is done.

An online payment can be declined for a variety of reasons. You may have incorrectly entered your payment details or you’ve reached your credit card limit. You may check with your bank.
Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we may cancel your order and in return, you will be compensated with refund in the form of points with an additional 100 redemption points.

You may contact with our care centre for further assistance.

You may contact with our care centre for further assistance.

Call our care centre for further assistance. You will be compensated with refund in the form of points with an additional 100 redemption points.

For membership entitlement, the sign-up fee is RM10, to be renewed annually.

We have designed a special menu for our members. As our member, you have the privilege of getting extra discount for selected items . (*subjected on T&C). For the member, you will entitle for 5% discount upon every transaction made. At the same time, you do have the point system to accumulate point for more discount from us.

RM1 is equivalent to 1 point.

You can use the points to redeem for meals. You may redeem every RM1 spending by utilizing 50 points in your account. This benefit is enjoyed by all the Jom-eats customer regardless of membership. Just fill up your particulars with us and start accumulating points

A checklist will be provided to rider(s) and it should be given to the customers for checking purpose.